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Relationships Drive Us

No gimmicks here. No magic number of phone calls or meetings. No forms or apps or algorithms to tell us what you need.


We start listening to you from the moment we meet and we never stop. We consider all of your challenges and plans in the context of what you really want to achieve when you want to achieve it. Our relationship is based on EightPoint Financial helping you get what you really want through a solid financial and investment plan.


So, when we say that relationships drive us, we mean that we listen, and based on your input, we conduct research, we explore all of the possible options we can find to help you achieve your goals. We come back to you with thoughts, recommendations, perhaps more questions, and we’re prepared to continue listening.


Your plan is our plan. Once we’ve collaborated together to arrive at a course of action, we’ll go over that Investment Policy Statement with you to make sure it’s what you want.


After that, we’ll not only ensure that you receive quarterly performance reporting and 24/7 access to our client portal, but we’ll make sure you know how to use it.


But perhaps most importantly you need to know you can reach us when you have a question, an idea or a concern.


At EightPoint Financial, our goal isn’t to have more clients than we can properly serve.  It’s to have a core group of clients who make our job that much more rewarding when we are privileged to serve them. We do consider it a privilege to talk with you every time we do. We never take you for granted.

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