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Our capabilities are rooted in our network

of professionals, our experience,

our knowledge and our understanding.

Our Services

When you turn to EightPoint Financial, you're getting access to a team of professionals that can be assembled according to your needs so that you have access to the full range of services provided by seasoned veterans in their respective disciplines.

​Financial Planning

Thorough, candid and honest financial planning is the

cornerstone of any effort to attain the life you want. Life

free of the stresses of worrying whether you have the

means to do what you want to do and when you want to

do it now and into the future. This starts with a focus

on cash flow, identifying income and debt challenges

and opportunities. We consider your goals, your timetable, and some of those unavoidable expenses and expenditures that must be addressed as we work together to put you on the course to freedom.


Our approach to financial planning includes budgeting, insurance, taxes, investments, estate planning, family considerations and obligations, elder care issues and charitable giving. Our financial planning process is designed to give you the clarity you need to make solid decisions to help you realize your dreams.


Cash Flow Analysis

For some individual clients, who are also small business owners and professionals, cash flow analysis extends to a more comprehensive examination of business cash flow. This includes monitoring and tracking of income and expenses, and then providing analysis of where optimization can happen. 


Investment Planning & Management

Whether you are new to investing, or if you are well on

your way to building a strong portfolio, we take the

time with all new clients to develop and create a sound

investment plan that fits your own comfort level, starting

today and going forward. We assume nothing. We ask

questions, and we work in partnership with you to get

the answers.


You can expect a portfolio that is diversified, in keeping with your goals, your risk tolerance, and your timetable for results. Our clients’ portfolios include the full range of investment vehicles, from stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate and more.


Retirement Planning

You’re never too young to start retirement planning, but we recognize that all too often life happens. It’s quite common for individuals to take a spotty approach to growing that 401k or IRA plan until several years have passed by. Before you know it, retirement is on the horizon and panic can set in.


We aim to alleviate that stress by working with

clients of all ages in preparing for a retirement

that works for you. We work with you to create

a vision for the kind of retirement you want.

And as time passes and changes happen in

your life, we work with you to make the right

adjustments, all with that long-term vision in mind. When it comes to retirement planning, our goal is to help you decide when and how you’d like to retire on your own terms.


Tax Planning

While EightPoint Financial is not a CPA firm, we understand that much of what you will decide based on our work together will affect your tax exposure. With this in mind, tax implications are often factored into our recommendations and client strategies. We work with tax professionals and CPAs – ours or your own – to ensure that where possible we are helping to minimize your tax burden. You benefit from this holistic approach by knowing that while the decisions you make may not always be driven by tax implications, you can maximize tax savings and reduce tax exposure when possible.


Comprehensive Insurance Planning

Our approach to insurance planning is comprehensive in that it includes everything from life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance, to health insurance, and business, property and casualty insurances.  This includes umbrella policies and other insurances that may be tied to the work you do, your business interests, and even your active lifestyle.


Working with allied insurance professionals, we help you protect what you’ve built so that when the unexpected happens, it doesn’t derail your larger financial and investment plans.


Advanced Estate Planning

A natural extension of financial and investment planning and management is having a plan to ensure that your family and those you love will benefit from the work you’ve done, the care you’ve taken, and the legacy you want to leave them. A solid estate plan helps to ensure that your assets are passed on to those who matter most to you.


To achieve this, we work with attorneys and others who are focused on this in their own practices, collaboratively striving to provide you with strategies for: wealth preservation and protection; senior care transitions; wills and living wills; medical directives; and a ‘gifting’ and disbursement strategy, which may be tied to a charitable giving program.


Elder Care Planning

One of the most common challenges individuals and

families often face is elder care. Because no one can

predict how or when they will need certain care later

in life, they put off certain decisions until it is too late

to take advantage of provisions in the law and in personal

finance to have better control over elder care decisions.

As a result, they sometimes must choose between two or

more undesirable options.


In our work in the elder care area, we work with allied professionals and our clients to consider all options as early as possible in the process and to take the proper steps in advance so that, as with our goal in every other part of our work together, you can make decisions on your own terms. 


Financial Planning
Investment Planning and Management
Pittsburgh financial planning that follows a prudent process.
Leave a legacy with a solid financial plan.
Tax Planning
Be ready for the unexpected through a solid financial plan.

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EightPoint Financial Planning Process

A time-tested process for keeping you and your family on track.

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