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Service Day at the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Earlier this year at the referral of an old friend I was invited to join the Pittsburgh Stock and Bond Association. Upon attending I learned more about the organization, and I found that many friends and colleagues I already knew from the financial services industry were part of the group. The group often comes tog

ether to give back to the community through service and support. This lined up with my own personal goals - similar in nature to the Rotary of Cranberry Sunrise - and I joined.

Last week the group had a service day at the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in Duquesne, PA. While there, we learned about the role the food bank plays in serving over 800 food pantries in the Pittsburgh Metro area, and we had the opportunity to help. We worked in the warehouse and in the newly opened market.

It was great to take a step back from the day-to-day of the financial markets and plans and be reminded that while there are challenges posed in markets, the question of where the next meal will come from is not a question I address on a daily basis.

Near the end of the service event I met two gentlemen who asked me, "Is this where I get food aid?" They came at the

tail end of our shift and didn't speak English. I learned they were from Turkey and when I asked, "Where do you call home?," their response, through a Google translate app was, "I am not sure how to describe that right now." A reminder to be thankful for all life’s blessings – especially a place to call home.

I had the chance to help them load up their carts with fresh produce, milk, eggs and meat. Their gratitude to the food bank was clear.

Service to the community and others is something I try to do as often as possible, but in my mind, not often enough. If you feel the same way, and have time or resources to give I would recommend reaching out the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to see where and how they could use your help to serve others.

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